Appy Pie Connect is an online platform that connects your apps and automates workflows. A 'Connect' helps in easing the synchronization of your business or personal data between two or more apps, thereby reducing duplication of effort and saving a lot of your precious time. A Connect integration can bridge your app’s API to Appy Pie Connect’s platform and let it integrate with 300+ other apps for keeping a watch on new and updated data, finding existing data, or creating new data.

A quick example of creating Connect between Amazon Seller Central and Google Sheet using Appy Pie Connect

For instance, if you want to enter new order details in your Google Sheet directly from Amazon Seller Central then a Connect can be made just as shown above to make entries directly. Appy Pie Connect will keep checking the Amazon Seller Central for every few minutes and all the new orders will be added to the Google Sheets automatically.

Appy Pie Connect platform lets your app user have the freedom to integrate it with other apps available on the Appy Pie Connect so that the user can optimize the workflow accordingly.

Connects are based upon a series of steps or functions that involves input, interaction with an API, and resultant response or output. User can make Connections using this series single or multiple times depending upon the requirement. The prime step for the Connection will always be a trigger, where the main functionality is to watch for any new or updated data cyclically after every few minutes (with polling triggers) or as per the API set up made and start a Connect. Following trigger, action will be provided that use the data or performs the operations on received information such as adding items in an App. The same is done with GET calls to find the relevant information and add the same using PUT or POST calls.

Appy Pie Connect returns data with each Connect that can be used in further steps.

Appy Pie Connect integration is categorized in Authentication, Triggers, Searches and Actions so users can access any part of your app’s API for integrating with other apps. While building an integration for your API, remember to:

  • Define the user authentication process
  • Select the most appealing parts of API that can be used in making a Connect, including triggers and actions
  • Highlight the resultant data of your app that is can be most commonly used with other apps on Appy Pie Connect.

The above functionalities will help the user of your app in creating a better Connect with other apps and thus have productive workflow automation. Using Appy Pie Connect developer UI based platform you can easily integrate your API our visual builder and form fields let you fill the exact information without any complication.

In Appy Pie Connect each and every step returns data such as in case of triggers individual detail returns with new or updated information in an array such as a contact name, the information in each row of the spreadsheet. Search is responsible to return the location of the data available for which the query is made.

In Appy Pie Connect, actions can fetch the data on the basis of triggers created. In other words, Action can help in implementing the data receptors and perform operations as per the user’s need. The data returned can be used to extract information and build a workflow around it.

With Appy Pie Connect it is easy to enable the workflow optimization for your app users. Simply follow the UI enabled Appy Pie Connect developer platform and add the authentications, API calls for triggers and actions along with forms where the user need to input the information for a particular result. Release the app with UI based developer platform in minutes and let your app users make connections with 300+ apps available at Appy Pie Connect.

For the new users, it is important to create a free Appy Pie Connect account and check the basic usage guide. Follow this instruction to friendly with Appy Pie Connect platform, with the help of examples we will guide you through the different functionalities which will be useful in creating your own app integration.

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